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Simple Reservations for Your Weekly Services

Reopen your organization with a plan in place!

Now that restrictions are beginning to relax, you need a way to effectively communicate to your congregation how many seats are available for a service and limit numbers to ensure everyone’s safety.


myFaithTime is a dynamic booking software that can solve your scheduling needs as we all adapt to our new reality.


About myFaithTime

We’re here to meet your scheduling, space reservation, and volunteer/serving signups. We know how difficult it can be to get everyone on the same page and keep track of signups. With our automated appointment calendars and reminders, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you can care more effectively for your people.

myFaithTime Features

Take Reservations for Service Times

We know that the COVID reality we find ourselves in has been challenging. Our platform allows you to take limited numbers of reservations in order to ensure you keep up with government restrictions, but allow your congregants real-time availability for each of your services.

Room and Space Reservations

Your facility likely has spaces that are rented out and reserved for classes, events, and community service. With our platform, you can collect all the information needed, and even payments for these spaces to help centralize your reservations and track payments.

Class and Event Sign Ups

Offer signups for your online classes, in-person classes and even one off events.

Volunteer and Service Teams

Schedule volunteers and send them reminders about their service times.

Counseling Sessions

Individuals can setup their own unique calendars and offer direct access to their schedule for meetings and counseling sessions.

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